Web Xanga comes among one of the most reliable and trustworthy organisations that believe in keeping absolute transparency with their users. We don’t collect any sort of data without your consent. Your data only gets collected when they opt or sign up for any of the activities on our website.

We also like to advise you, not to input any sort of personal details or sensitive information on the forum as the information added in the forum is visible to the public to read and can be misused.

Details that are Collected Automatically Once you VIsit Web Xanga Site

When you redirect to the Web Xanga website a set of data including cookies, web beacons and a few more details automatically get stored. Along with it, data containing visited IP addresses, attributes of the operating system and information related to the browser also gets collected, once you head to our site.

Why is it Required to Collect Data?

Collecting necessary data plays a key role in an organisation for overall growth and sustainable expansion. It not only aids service takers but service providers mutually. Data is only collected by Web Xanga on certain conditions which we have listed below.

  • To alter the required changes and re-construct our standard and way of representation as per your suggestions and acknowledge your queries, feedback requests and comments.
  • For rendering requested services on time with efficiency.
  • To expand and facilitate business that eventually leads to mutual benefit.
  • Details are also collected to meet the company’s policy and for the purpose of legal requirements.
  • To safeguard ourselves from any kind of infringement, identity theft or loss that occurs due to fraud and any sort of notorious or illegal activity.
  • Collecting necessary data is also significant for us as we perform data analytics on our platform after acknowledging the usage of our site.

Does Web Xanga share your Data? 

We at Web Xanga acknowledge and understand the privacy of our users and give utmost attention to that. For your information, we would like to tell you that the data we collect is only shared with our workers aka our service providers.

  • To avert the company from any sort of damage or loss, in such situations collected data will be used.
  • Disclosure of data will be required if any law or legal process occurs.
  • For analytical or statistical reasons and to acquaint ourselves with our user base, we have to share details with the Advertisers.
  • For internal business grounds and motives, we may share collected information.

How Do We Protect the Collected Data?

In today’s time, where the cases of breaches of data are rising, we are tightening our security systems and monitoring things significantly. We are also a user and as a user, we totally understand the need and assurance of data security.
Due to this we have installed the latest security systems and taken proper administrative, technical and physical measures to safeguard your data from any sort of unlawful use, breach and infringement. 

Web Xanga Cares for Children

We like to clear this out. We at Web Xanga don’t collect details of children who are below the age of 16. Mistakenly, if we had collected their details and come across them, with immediate effect we will drain out all the information related to them.

Retention and Data Access

Web Xanga collects and retains data until the purpose of collecting data finishes off. We also collect data for certain periods occasionally and as we cleared above, your data is absolutely secure and in good hands.

Modification in Privacy Policy

We at Web Xanga believe that change is the only constant thing and if you stop learning, you stop growing. From our prior experiences, we alter our privacy policy accordingly. We notify our users about the alteration that recently has been applied to the privacy policy and keep them updated.

Web Xanga: Ethics Policy

  • The content created and published on our website is performed by Web Xanga contributors and they were paid off well as per the content they have created.
  • One of the major responsibilities of the contributors is to maintain the righteousness of ethical standards and the legal necessity of the organisation.
  •  It is very profound for both writers and contributors to make sure that the content they create will stand on the perks of authenticity and uniqueness.
  • Content available on site was prepared and published after performing required research and analysis by contributors and writers.