KissCartoon shouldn’t be a new name to you if you enjoy cartoons. Kisscartoon is a fantastic website that makes it simple and cost-free for users to view many animation series. You may view anime and cartoons on this platform without having to register. Therefore, if you want to watch cartoons and are looking for more websites like KissCartoon, this article can be of assistance to you. Let’s see what KissCartoon exactly is and what are its features followed by a brief description of top alternatives.

About KissCartoon

KissCartoon is one of the best cartoon streaming websites that are elegantly built and offer simple options for people to view movies from your high-definition. It does not host any content on its servers, like the vast majority of other online streaming services. It has a sizable collection of cartoons and shows them in an organized way, making it simple to search for your personal favorites and watch on the go.

Note: You must activate ad blocking software before leaving. Apart from everything, Users of KissCartoon are urged to use a VPN when streaming content online. A solid KissCartoon VPN conceals your identity and helps you avoid government snooping, geo-restricted content, and ISP speed limits. 

Features of KissCartoon

Kiss Cartoon is one of the most well-known sites for free streaming animation because of its quick and adaptable user interface. Some of its valuable features are listed below:

High Quality: This website offers users High Definition animation quality in its content. You won’t experience any poor screaming quality difficulties here, in contrast to the majority of free cartoon and anime websites. Only HD-quality content that may be freely streamed is available on this website. One of the reasons this website is so well-liked all over the world is its HD content quality.

Free of Cost: It is available without charge, and the website is financed by adverts. So, you won’t have to pay to watch shows on streaming.

Dubbed Content: What if you are not aware of the language a cartoon show is made in? Worry not, KissCartoon offers you cartoons in your native language and with subtitles also.

Proxy Mirror Sites Suggestions for KissCartoon Audience

Some of the best mirror proxy websites that can be used instead of KissCartoon are listed below:

How Did KissCartoon Fare?

To the shock of the users, Kisscartoon was shut down. In 2017, the website abruptly went down. The website was taken down because of copyright difficulties. It was taken care of by DMCA. Although it had excellent audio and video quality, it was ultimately shelved, to the dismay of the fans. Nothing is worse than lacking a treasured possession. But don’t be alarmed; we have substitute websites where you can view all of your preferred animated films and television series for free. Links of every suggested alternative have also been provided to aid in your search.

Alternatives to Kisscartoon

For the people who are looking for replacements for kisscartoon, given below is a list of a few best options.

1. CartoonCrazy

If you’re looking for alternatives to KissCartoon, this is a fantastic and outstanding choice. If a user is searching for cartoon shows with subtitles and dubbed comic series and anime, they should check out the website. This website’s library offers every type of cartoon and anime one could want. However, the site is a popular alternative in the majority of developed nations, including Canada, Australia, the UK, the USA, etc. Almost 11.5 million fans of cartoons visit the website each month, according to the website.  

Website: Cartooncrazy – Sub and Dub Anime Watch Online HD


2. AnimeRhino

Quite a wise decision when it becomes an excellent substitute for KissCartoon. Users have a wide range of options, including cartoon movies, anime series as well as anime movies, from which they can select or choose what they want. Even a young child may easily search the website for any anime or cartoon he wishes to see in a flash thanks to its user-friendly design! The website provides its visitors with trusted links so they can download and watch subsequent cartoons and anime. Consequently, one of the greatest kisscartoon substitutes. 



3. Cartoon Network

This is the origin of all cartoons and anime, which rank as some of the first or, to put it more simply, original ones in the genre. Everybody’s childhood has been influenced by Cartoon Network. It is one of the most well-known websites for cartoon fans around the world, and it has been for a very long time.

The Cartoon Network offers its consumers continuous access to the largest library of cartoons, both on its websites and on television. As a result, both the original anime content and the beloved anime classics are included. The website is easy to use, and children can easily browse around it to access their preferred content. 


Cartoon Network

4. Watch Cartoon Online

This website is included in this list of the top KissCartoon alternatives because it resembles KissCartoon in terms of design and functionality. The website is really simple and might be seen by children as well. It offers an excellent navigation bar that encourages users to explore the other categories for quick and convenient browsing while looking for their favorite anime and cartoons. The website’s atmosphere is safe for kids to use as they watch their favorite cartoons and anime because of the kid-friendly adverts that are visible on the page.


Watch Cartoon Online

5. Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime focuses more on anime than it does on ordinary cartoon series like Scooby-Doo or Tom and Jerry in its video clips. The website is almost identical to the well-known KissCartoon website. As a result, you will quickly feel comfortable using the user interface. A forum where you can interact with other anime fans is available in addition to the endless lists of anime you can watch. For a unique perspective on the stories you adore, visit the Manga page as well. 

Website: KissAnime – Watch anime online in high quality |

Kiss Anime

6. Anime Toon

You can get free cartoons on an endless number of websites, but you usually have to wait until they release the most recent episodes. You might as well go to Anime Toon if you can’t wait. Episodes are published on this site as soon as they are shown on all channels.

There is a mobile app available, which is another fantastic feature of this site. The software won’t be available on the Play Store, though. The APK file would need to be downloaded directly from the website, and then installed on your device. Regardless, it gives you a more practical option to watch your preferred cartoons. 

Website: Anime Toon

Anime Toon

7. Watch Series

This website is simply fantastic as it is the only free streaming website that does not concentrate on a certain genre in comparison to the other websites covered in this article. This implies that regardless of your interest in The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, or The Black Mirror, you may access any type of television programming. You can choose to form an account on the website, and it will provide you access to all the features available for creating a playlist of the movies and TV shows you wish to watch. 


Watch Series

8. Disney Now

You may be confident that this website is ad-free because Disney is supporting it. If you want to watch some of the first Disney shows, head here. The most recent episodes also have substance, moreover, it largely consists of brief clips. However, this is dependent on the nation from which you are surfing. This is an excellent platform to expose your children to if you’re seeking a website that they’ll like. In addition to the free stuff they may view, the website features a tonne of games that kids will undoubtedly like. 


Disney Now

9. Nickelodeon 

Despite the numerous safety precautions that must be taken, some people are reluctant to use free streaming websites. If you fall under the latter category, you may as well enjoy your favorite shows on Nickelodeon. On this website, all of the shows are posted in the most trustworthy manner. You can play your favorite characters in the website’s games, which is another fantastic feature of this website.

Additionally, there is a section called Events where you can look up events or gatherings that you can attend and enjoy. You’ll be able to interact with others who share your obsession with your favorite television programs. The Apps section is another option. Download some apps to your phone to pass the time if you can’t wait for the release of the most recent episode of your favorite animated series.



10. Anilinkz

Not just the most well-known anime programs are stored on this website. They also have a reputation for adding any anime title that has ever been released to their website. So if you truly identify as an otaku, this is the website you need. You won’t ever get bored on this site because the administrators update it constantly.

Even though the website looks a little disorganized, the anime content is always top-notch. All you have to do is either use the search option or seek up a random anime title. In no time at all, you’ll enjoy viewing your anime. As there are numerous adverts on the site, patience is also required. But at least you can watch anime for free. 


11. 9Anime

9Anime provides its viewers with unique features like suggesting content that they would enjoy watching. Recommendations are made depending on what users click to view, watch, or stream online on the website. Additionally, it can alert users to the information they haven’t yet viewed. Given how simple it is to use, it continues after this point.

Consequently, it is user-friendly for everyone as there is a sizable selection of cartoons and anime to choose from. The website is regularly updated and overflowing with the most recent information. As it might allow viewers to navigate between the many anime genres and other categories.

Website: 9anime – Watch Anime online with DUB and SUB for FREE


12. Disney Junior

Who doesn’t remember Disney, I suppose? As we reflect on the recollection, it is one of the most important moments in anyone’s life. one of the most well-known names in anime and cartoon viewing. On the other hand, it is a highly regarded and well-known producer of animated films.

After Disney Now, Disney Jr. is a terrific choice for continuous animation watching because the website is incredibly kid-friendly, and it certainly meets up to the expectations. It is easy to peruse and is awash in vivid hues. It has a sizable collection of cartoons, including Mickey Mouse and Clubhouse.

Website: Watch Disney Junior Shows – Full Episodes & Videos | DisneyNOW

Disney Junior

So, these are some of the greatest names for KissCartoon alternatives. Depending on your needs, choose anyone and enjoy the shows you like the most.