More and more people are using wireless internet connections in the modern world. There is always a Wi-Fi signal to connect to, regardless of where you are—at home, at work, or even at Starbucks. 

However, what happens if you want to set up your own private Wi-Fi network? Piso Wifi Vendo–  A wireless internet connection enables you to set up a private Wi-Fi network. If you want a private network at home or at the business, this is a fantastic choice. You can ensure that your data is secure and protected with this kind of connection.

Piso Wifi 

In 2017, Piso WiFi was established to take the role of Piconet. It became the top internet service provider in the Philippines as a result of its breakneck internet speed in a very short span of time.

By allowing customers to access the internet by placing pennies in the vending machine, this business gave rise to the idiom “one-peso internet.”

Do you want more information on IP Do you wish to learn more about the configuration of your router using the IP address The article will then address your needs.

About Piso Wifi

This service is provided by a vending machine. The interesting thing about the service is that you can pay for this internet rental service with coins. 

Piso Wifi Vending Machine

People who can’t afford internet packages or who wish to save money on internet service can use this Piso-Wi-Fi service as it is quite economical.

This is designed to make it simple for everyone, including non-technical people, to connect to the internet. The default gateway for the router is the Piso wifi Portal, or

Based on its features, Piso wifi thrives in the Philippines. Smart Communications, the largest telecom provider in the Philippines, serves as the service provider for this internet provider.

The internet speed is good and respectable, and it costs even less than regular internet. This internet service provider’s key benefit is that it offers multiple users simultaneous internet access. A very large virtual internet network can be joined by connecting to a Piso wifi hotspot using Piso wifi.

Enough bragging about its affordability and utility. Let us quickly discover how to access this amazing service.

When to Use the IP address?

For network access and configuration changes, many routers have as their default IP address. 

The setting adjustments might involve assigning a primary device to receive all of your messages, opening up a number of ports, or installing a firewall on your network.

The fact that this particular IP address is easy to remember, most of the administrators use this address for their business networks. 

Furthermore, the minimalist nature of this address also makes it attractive for households. But still, and are few of the most used router IP addresses at the moment.

How to Login Into 10.0.01 Piso Wifi?

The Piso WiFi’s ease of use is one of its many amazing features. The internet and a router are the only things you require. Once you have these two items, you can begin by following the steps below.

You may easily access using any web browser. All you have to do is make sure your smartphone or any device is linked to the network. is the default gateway address for the network. You should also make sure that the network is free of IP conflicts. Use to access the router’s control panel after finishing all of that.

Once you have found your router’s IP address using one of the methods above, you can log in using the steps that follow.

Step 1: Launch the default web browser on your computer or mobile devices like Safari, Firefox, and Chrome according to your convenience.

Web Browsers

Step 2: In the address bar of your browser, type

Following that, the browser will turn the address into a link, like, and then show you the login screen.

Step 3: Press Enter or click Go to continue. 

If the IP address is suitable for the router type you have, the settings page should have already loaded by now.

Step 4: After the configuration or settings page has loaded, you must enter the login and password.

Step 5: If this is your first time logging in, all you need to do is enter the default username and password

After entering the default login and password to access the router settings page, a prompt to change them will appear on your screen.

Sign In To Admin of Piso Wifi

Now, changing the router setup is easy if you can log in successfully. From there, you can modify a wide range of settings, including Wi-Fi, WAN, and LAN settings, passwords, usernames, etc.

It was easy. Right?

Now let us make you familiar with other important things about this amazing internet provider service. Piso Wifi Default Admin Username And Password

The default login credentials for can be used to access the admin settings. Just make sure you are connected to the router in order to access the router’s admin portal.

There are multiple default login credentials for accessing and you can make use of any one of them.

Username: Admin
Password: 123456789
IP Address:
Username: admin
Password: password
IP Address:
Username: admin
Password: admin
IP Address:
Username: cusadmin
Password: highspeed
IP Address:
Username: highspeed
Password: cusadmin
IP Address:
Username: cisco
Password: cisco
IP Address:

Piso wifi Pause Time

Without knowing the functions of Piso wifi’s default gateway, you won’t advance very far. So, before you leave your troubles behind, here are some facts to consider for effective optimization of the internet service.

By entering that portal with the URL, you’ll be able to control and manage your internet access. You can also select whether to allow connections, how much bandwidth you want to use, and how much money you want to put into the system. 

But you’re probably wondering how you can pause on Piso wifi. So today we will try to make you understand how to use the Piso Wifi Pause Time feature easily in 5 mins.

How to Enable Pause Time Option on Piso Wifi?

Users of Piso Wifi don’t intend to use all of their time for Piso Wifi at once after purchasing it. So this originates from a need to pause time.

This option of halting your wifi time can be helpful if you don’t want your money to go in vain. Now, this option is available after accessing admin settings.

Pause Time Option

This is just amazing that we can do such a thing, it would be really helpful for the consumers if every internet provider started providing this kind of option. If you are with us please sign the following petition to demand a pause option on all mainstream services.

Wait, we are just kidding.

We are here to provide you with the information you need and nothing else. So let’s continue on that.

The pause time feature cannot be accessed until the Pause time option is enabled. Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Enter into the address bar of your browser or click here.

Step 2: Enter your Login credentials and get access to the Router Admin page.

Step 3: The screen will display a dashboard. Click at the upper-left corner.

An option for general settings would appear, and many options would be available there.

Step 4: To enable it, select “pause time/auto-pause time to pause on boot.”

Step 5: Now after enabling this option, close the tab and login into again.

Step 6: This time you will notice another option of “Pause” on the router admin page. Piso WiFi can now be stopped with ease by clicking the “Pause” button shown in yellow.

Merits of Piso Wifi

  • For people who are on a budget or who are unable to pay, this is one of the most useful internet services. The low-cost internet service generates revenue for telecom companies.
  • The administrator can control it from any location by using a rate management system.
  • The IP address is extremely significant and practical, and it can be used repeatedly.
  • It helps you manage users, bandwidth, and—most importantly—rate time.
  • It is so flawlessly made that anyone can use it right away without having to follow a complicated process.
  • It is almost free, which is the most important benefit, and no internet packages are needed for performing simple internet tasks.

How to Get the Piso Wifi Password?

Have trouble remembering your Piso WiFi password?

Do you need the password right away?

We have got you covered.

Step 1: Open the web browser and use the IP address to access the router admin page. 

Step 2: You need to turn on your Wifi option and connect it to the Piso Wifi. You’ll be given the name of your WiFi private network.

Step 3: Tick the box next to the “Show Network Password” option if you want to see your password.

With your WiFi name and password in hand, you are now prepared. You can use both of them to connect any of your devices with Piso Wifi internet.

Unable to connect to Piso WiFi Let’s Diagnose the Problem!

The following issues may be the cause of your inability to access the Piso Wifi Portal.

  • Internet Connectivity:

First and foremost, verify that your internet connection is operating flawlessly. ISP issues with internet connections do arise occasionally, which might be a contributing factor to unsuccessful login attempts.

  • Browser Cache:

Clearing the cache in your browser is the next step. It can occasionally lead to issues like this. 

Go to: Settings ➡️ Privacy and security ➡️ Clear Browsing data ➡️ Clear Cache Files.

  • Incorrect IP Address:

Please avoid entering 10.0 0.1, 10.0 0.0 1, or in place of; 10.0 0.1 / 10.0 0.0 1 is not the correct address.

  • Typo Errors:

The Address Typo error is another frequent blunder. In 90% of cases, typos happen. The most frequent typos are listed below:

  • There’s a chance you’re using “” IP addresses should never be entered in this manner.
  • Perhaps you’re using an “O” instead of a zero, this is really one of the most common blunders. IP addresses only have numeric characters; no alphabetic characters.

You won’t be able to access the Piso Wifi Admin Login Portal if you use “O,” which will result in an incorrect IP address.

If you continue to have trouble logging in or if you run into any other problems. You should definitely watch the video tutorial on youtube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans: Follow the given steps to rest the router:

  • You must press the reset button, which is located on the router’s back, and to do this you can use a paperclip.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds to turn it off and then release the button to get it to turn on the router again.

Ans: is a default IP address, there are 4 sets of numbers, each between 0 and 255, that make up an IP address. This is due to the fact that each internet-connected device is supposed to have a distinct address.

Ans: Enter in the address bar of your browser. Afterward, type your username and password and press OK or log in.

Ans: To access wifi vending machines, customers have to only tap their CP. After connecting to the wifi, they need to insert a coin as payment and then they will immediately have access to the internet.

Ans: The most frequent default credentials for the IP address are Username: admin and Password: admin.